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04-may-2018 14:32
Batch upload on bandcamp

So, I thought it would be nice to make my old Periods I-V releases available again. And then, while I'm at it, I might as well make Periods Mmxiv, Steganographia and Lydbiblioteket available for streaming and download also. So, here is an updated bandcamp page with 10 releases for everyone to enjoy :) - and another new track on my soundcloud page.

29-apr-2018 10:40

New track on uploaded to soundcloud - and more coming! check it out -> jfghdhdfh

07-nov-2017 14:32
Rare update

So it's been a long time since I last updated this website and now that I just had an awesome time composing a 12 channel piece for Den Sorte Diamant (The Royal Library) in Copenhagen, I thought I might upload the music and write a few words. You can listen to a stereo version of 'Lydbiblioteket' on my soundcloud page. Since the piece is composed for The Royal Library, I will also be lending out sounds from the piece, just send me an email with details on whatever sound you need and include time signature to The piece premiered last saturday at an event called Space Series together with Sebastian Edins 'Vestiges', in a program also featuring works of Fuzzy, Søs Gunver Ryberg and the curator Wayne Siegel - all specially composed for Den Sorte Diamant. On top the talented Obscura Vertigo made the building come alive with visuals made for every single piece of music. Anyway, I will also put a link to a video from another project I have been engaged in - the Aarhus X Riga project, where I have been working with 5 other composers (2 from Aarhus, 3 from Riga) on a 72 speaker installation in Væksthusene in the Botanical Gardens of Aarhus. The result was a half hour piece, wich was played on two nights in June. You can watch the recap video down below. Oh and the 3rd part of Steganographia, 'Stegano' is playing in Japan in a few weeks at the OUA Electroacoustic Music Festival! Thats all for now, I will try to keep the website a bit more up to date.

07-nov-2017 14:31
Video from 'Solstice Study for 72 Speakers by 6 Composers on Opposite Sides of One Sea'

29-jun-2016 16:29
Steganographia Treasurehunt has ended

I can hereby inform you, that the treasure has been found. Kasper Mosekjær deciphered Steganographia the night before yesterday, all the way from Bornholm. However, the treasure was localised in Aarhus at the other end of the country, so he sought help from a local friend, Kristian Bach Petersen and his son Bernard (holding the treasure on the photo), who went to dig up the treasure yesterday afternoon. This treasurehunt ended a lot quicker than expected, and I am very pleased with the result. Steganographia was deciphered far from where the concert was held and by people working together on finding the buried treasure, which is why I can declare Steganographia succesfully solved for now. Feel fre to try out Periods Mmxiv from 2014 (link in the menu), which have not yet been solved.

23-jun-2016 18:49

Tomorrow I am finishing the Advanced Postgraduate Degree at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. For the past two years, I have been working on a 12-channel piece, which will be presented for this occasion, 12th of June 2016 8:00pm in Rytmisk Sal, Musikhuset Aarhus. The 12-channel piece, which I have called Steganographia after Johannes Trithemius book from the 14th century, also features a small cryptographic treasurehunt, which you can read about on

1-apr-2016 13:59
Screening of new audiovisual piece

Tomorrow at 15:00, my new piece Stegano will be shown in Lille Sal, Musikhuset at RAMA Festival. Lots of things are happening all day and it's free!

21-jan-2016 11:54
Concert at Splab tonight

Flatpack is playing in Aarhus tonight and invited me to play along. The show starts at 20:00 :-)

11-dec-2015 16:04
16-channel sound installation premiere

This weekend, my new site specific 16-channel piece 'MTI' for Radar's Audio Canvas, will premiere at Godsbanens Julemarked. You can get more information about the piece and Godsbanens Julemarked at Radar this weekend here. Merry Christmas.

13-oct-2015 17:09
Periods Mmxiv Update

Due to a couple of issues, Periods Mmxiv has been updated. Earlier versions of the work will still be functioning, but you are advised to download the latest version.


12-oct-2015 12:14

Made a map for Periods Mmxiv. It can be downloaded Here.

12-oct-2015 12:09
DIEM Elektro this Wednesday

Playing a concert in Kammemusiksalen, Musikhuset Aarhus on the 7th of October at 20:00! Here is a link for the facebook event.


10-sep-2015 12:00
New Website!

The website has been redesigned and lots of information has been uploaded. Free downloads of the 2013 releases 'Periods I-V' are now available under works/. The 404_index/ has also been updated, so now more than one link links.

New Website